Beginning to feel Christmassy!

Esme Dress

Here I am wearing another item from my recent Sugarhill Boutique haul.  I wasn’t sure about this dress at first, concerns about my rugby player shoulders rather than the actual dress, but having worn it out and about I’ve changed my mind completely.  The shape is just perfect, I love a good nipped in wast, but it’s the embroidery at the shoulders that sets it apart.  I always go for deep reds like this burgundy in the autumn and winter, they look so great against black tights and fallen leaves.  

At the moment I love teaming very girlie dresses with boots.  Actually I love teaming all dresses with boots! Boots are my current crush.  All kinds of boots.  The hours I’ve wasted staring at tan leather boots can never be bought back but it’s been good.  

More red shoes!

I normally like to do whole outfit posts but I’m so excited about my new Tatty Divine necklace I couldn’t wait.  I love red shoes and Wizard of Oz was my favourite book as a little girl so it’s like this necklace was made for me!

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Getting ready

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Messing around in Hyde Park

I love Hyde Park, I spent a lot of my teenage years here and at this time of year it couldn’t be more beautiful (well it could I’m being totally hyperbolic but it is very nice).  In my best autumn colours I went and played around in the Italian Gardens with the fountains.  My dress is from Orion in Covent Garden and it’s covered in the cutest deer and flower print.  

I love the bow detail at the neck line and the three quarter length sleeves on this one.  Again I got out my chunky black shoes and a slightly different shade of burgundy tights

I love autumn!